Are You Struggling for Gift Ideas?

Are you struggling for gift ideas?

Two tips for spouses who want to get their wives gift hampers

by Brianna Andrews

If you're married and you'd like to treat your wife to a lovely gift hamper, here are some tips to follow.

Search for gift hampers that come with high-end versions of her favourite beauty items

If your wife sticks to a lot of cheap-and-cheerful make-up and skincare products, you should look for gift hampers for her that come with high-end versions of the ones she already has. For example, if she uses a bargain-brand face wash and an artificially fragranced, inexpensive scented body lotion, you could get her a luxurious cleansing balm and a high-end, rich body cream that is infused with real essential oils. This approach will ensure that she likes and will be able to use the hamper's contents, and will make her daily beauty tasks, like face-washing and moisturising, feel very indulgent.

It will also give her a chance to try out these pricier beauty products and see if she would like to repurchase them in the future when they run out. This is worth noting, as many women don't experiment with luxury beauty products, as they don't want to waste, for example, fifty dollars on a face cream that they then find out doesn't suit their skin type. As such, by taking this approach, you might enable your wife to discover some amazing new beauty products that she'll continue to repurchase over and over again.

Consider getting a hamper she can share with her friends

If your wife has close female friends, it might also be worth looking for a hamper whose contents she could share with these friends if she feels like it. The reason for this is that many women get more joy out of, for example, experimenting with new lotion or moisturising products or new face masks, if they do this with their female friends.

If this is something that you know your wife enjoys, then you could get her a gift hamper that features a few different scents of lotion, as well as perhaps some face masks and a nice bottle of champagne. She could then invite a few of her female friends over for a glass of champagne and a few hours of skincare-related pampering. This could be a particularly thoughtful gift if your wife has been too busy recently to meet up with her friends and seems to be in need of a fun evening with them.

Check out gift hampers for her online or at local gift shops to see your options.


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Are you struggling for gift ideas?

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