Are You Struggling for Gift Ideas?

Are you struggling for gift ideas?

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Server Racks

by Brianna Andrews

Keeping servers cool and safe is crucial for any business; therefore, server racks are a vital part of a data centre design. Notably, setting up a server room can be challenging, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Nonetheless, buying a server rack should not be a problem if you know what you are looking for. This article highlights essential considerations when buying a server cabinet. Keep reading.

Cooling Strategy -- Servers work 24 hours a day and generate a lot of heat. If the heat is not dissipated adequately, the servers will malfunction intermittently. Therefore, data centres need to understand the critical role that racks play in keeping servers cool. Since there are different server-cooling strategies, the cabinet you buy must coincide with the approach you choose. For instance, if your server room relies on ambient air cooling, such as fans, air handlers, and blowers, you need fully perforated server racks to achieve maximum airflow. On the other hand, a server room that uses a liquid cooling unit needs fully sealed server cabinets to protect computers from potential leaks.

Preferred Power Technologies -- Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are essential appliances in server rooms for controlling energy output. Different server cabinets have varying power strip mount designs. For example, PDUs can be installed either vertically or on mounting posts behind server racks. Therefore, the type of power strips or PDUs you use dictates the type of server racks to buy. Standard power strips require onsite and in-person management for issues such as fuse replacements. It makes server racks with mounting posts the best cabinets for conventional power strips. On the other hand, intelligent power strips can be monitored off-site, which makes them compatible with vertical mounting.  

Future Expansion Needs -- Sufficient space is essential when looking for a server rack. For instance, servers, cables, PDUs, and backup batteries must fit within the rack. However, most data centre managers only think about the equipment they presently have when buying a server rack. The strategy can be problematic in the future when you want to add more equipment to a server rack. As such, think carefully about future expansion needs for a data centre before buying a server rack. It will help you choose cabinets with enough space to accommodate current and future equipment. Additionally, a server room must have enough room to accommodate the racks' external dimensions and meet relevant server clearance regulations.


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Are you struggling for gift ideas?

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