Are You Struggling for Gift Ideas?

Are you struggling for gift ideas?

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Business Suit

by Brianna Andrews

You'll know from experience that shopping for a business suit can be stressful and time consuming. You need to make the right impression in your professional life, and a suit that looks great on a hanger doesn't always look great when you try it on. Business suits come in a range of fabrics, and whether you're choosing a readymade suit or having one custom-made, the fabric you choose will have an impact on how comfortable the suit is and how you feel when wearing it. Here's an overview of four popular fabrics used for business suits:


Wool suits are sophisticated and stay wrinkle-free throughout the day. Wool is a soft, natural material that is breathable and will allow you to stay cool during the heat of the day and warm during colder spells. Wool suits offer classic style and can be worn year-round. However, they can be a little bulky, so if you prefer a more streamlined look, you may want to opt for a slimmer-fitting fabric.


Cotton is a soft, comfortable fabric that's ideal for the summer months, as the fabric has good breathability. Cotton suits come in different weights, and you should choose a weight based on the time of year you plan to wear the suit. Lightweight cotton won't keep you warm during the colder months, while heavyweight cotton suits may not be comfortable during the summer, but heavyweight suits do keep their shape better than lightweight cotton suits.


As a suit fabric, linen offer maximum breathability, which can be useful if you tend to get too warm easily. It's a classic summer suit material and, when worn in darker colours, it looks very professional and suitable for boardroom meetings. Linen is light and comfortable against the skin, but it does crease easily.


Silk suits are at the higher end of the price scale, and you wouldn't typically wear a silk suit for a normal day at the office. However, a silk suit is an ideal choice when attending luxury business events, such as galas or dinners, and because silk is a natural temperature regulator, you can wear a silk suit at any time of the year, which can make it an investment piece in your wardrobe.

If you're looking at purchasing a new business suit and aren't sure of which fabric to go for, discuss your needs with an experienced member of staff at your chosen suit store. They can help you select a suit that complements your body type and that you feel confident wearing.


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Are you struggling for gift ideas?

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