Are You Struggling for Gift Ideas?

Are you struggling for gift ideas?

4 Types Of Cut Flowers That Are Native To Australia

by Brianna Andrews

Cut flowers are given as gifts for a wide range of occasions and form an important part of wedding and funeral ceremonies. They're also used to brighten up homes and are popular in the winter months when not much is growing in the flowerbeds of gardens and parks. Many of the cut flowers used in bouquets are not native to Australia and are imported throughout the year. It's lovely to have access to such a variety of flowers, and some are strikingly beautiful, but there are also equally beautiful flowers that are native to Australia. Read on to learn about four types of native cut flowers.

Flannel Flower

The flannel flower has cream or white petals that are similar in appearance to those found on daisies, and the stems and leaves have a unique, pale grey hue. The leaves are lobed and the stems are long and thin, so the flannel flower makes an elegant addition to tall bouquets and is perfect for displaying in a tall glass vase or jug.


Waratah is an Aboriginal word that means beautiful, and the waratah flower is unmistakable thanks to its unique bulbous flower head. A single flower head grows on each stem, and the petals are a rich crimson that will stand out in any bouquet and brighten any room. In addition to forming part of a mixed bouquet, waratah flowers can be displayed on their own. One or two waratah flowers in a clear glass vase with a narrow neck will create a striking centrepiece for a dining table or windowsill.

Gymea Lily

The Gymea lily has a thick stem with thin, pointed leaves protruding from it from the base all the way to the flower head. The large flower head is comprised of a cluster of red flowers that are often described as being shaped like trumpets. Owing to its size, the Gymea lily is the main talking point in any display, but they're only really suitable for inclusion in very large bouquets.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paws have long, arching leaves and small, tubular flowers. The flowers grow in rows on the stem and have a light covering of velvety fuzz. Kangaroo paws come in a variety of colours, including red, yellow, orange and purple, so they can easily be matched to the colour scheme of a room. These flowers make a stunning addition to mixed bouquets and can also be displayed on their own with a few sprigs of floral greenery.

If you'd like to learn more about the wide variety of native cut flowers that are available and how they can be used in floral arrangements, speak to your florist.   


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Are you struggling for gift ideas?

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