Are You Struggling for Gift Ideas?

Are you struggling for gift ideas?

Trends to Consider When Curating Bouquets and Floral Decorations for Your Winter Wedding

by Brianna Andrews

There is a multitude of reasons why having your wedding during the winter will prove beneficial. Not only will humidity be minimal on your big day, which translates into better makeup retention, you also get to enjoy the flexibility of more venues being available, reduced rates and the convenience of most people being on a break from work. Nonetheless, simply because winter may seem like a long way off does not mean that it is too early to plan. And the moment these plans are underway, you will inevitably begin deliberating on the best flower options for your big day. Rather than gravitate to what you are familiar with, and potentially summer staples, you should consider flowers that will complement the aesthetic of a winter wedding. Check out the following striking trends to deliberate on with your florist when curating bouquets and floral decorations for your winter wedding.

Add texture

When some people think of textured accents on a bouquet, they tend to envision a rustic theme with dried flowers and twigs but this does not have to be the case. There are numerous ways that you can add texture to your winter wedding's floral decorations and bouquet. For starters, consider integrating dried flowers such as baby breath or lavender for a delicate yet distinct touch to the floral arrangements. In addition to this, you can include some seeded eucalyptus that will stand out against the delicate flowers while emitting a distinct scent that will match the wintry ambience of your big day.

Go monochromatic

For some people, the floral arrangements and bouquets of their big day can be an afterthought, with the focus being placed on the budget rather than how the flowers complement the overall theme of the wedding. But if you are going to splurge on flowers, you might as well consult with your florist on how best they can match the colour scheme of the wedding. And a great way of doing this would be selecting monochromatic blooms. The great thing about monochromatic flower arrangements is that you add visual interest by selecting varying species but the blooms look similar since they are of different hues of the same shade. As a pro tip, consider integrating accents of silver that will help with adding the chill that winter evokes.

Minimalist roses

If you want a glamourous yet understated décor for your wedding, you could be contemplating forgoing floral arrangements altogether but this is not your only option. Although wedding bouquets are typically associated with elaborate arrangements with ostentatious flowers, you can still go minimal with your individual choices. Crisp, white roses are a great way to perpetuate this theme in wedding bouquets but you can also create this pristine, wintry aesthetic with quicksand roses that come in a colour palette that ranges from muted, sandy beige to subtle champagne.

For more information, talk to a florist.


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Are you struggling for gift ideas?

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